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Tree felling, dismantling and removal:

If you have a tree on your property which is diseased, dangerous or unsightly, then we can carry out a complete removal. We can use a range of techniques to provide precise directional felling, resulting in a safe and time efficient removal. If your tree needs to be dismantled in sections, then we can carefully lower the branches and timber using appropriate lowering techniques


Hedge trimming, pruning and removal:

Whether you're in need of some simple trimming or more complicated job, then we can provide a reliable and efficient service. We can even offer re-planting schemes if required


Stump and root removal:

If you have a stump or protruding roots from a tree on your property, we can use specialised machinery to remove them. Where stump removal is not a viable option, we can treat the stump with an appropriate herbicide to prevent regrowth


Canopy reduction:

Also known as a crown reduction, this procedure is used to reduce the height, width and spread of the canopy. This is achieved by reducing individual branches and limbs back to secondary points of live growth, and maintaining the trees shape where possible


Crown thinning and cleaning:

Crown thinning is the removal of dead, dying or crossing branches. This process is used to reduce the density of the tree's foliage. The procedure is often used to increase sunlight penetration and to reduce potential damage which could be caused to the tree during strong winds and storms


Crown lifting:

Crown lifting is the removal of selected branches and limbs to increase the distance between the base of

the canopy and ground level

Trees are a very important part of the planet, and ensuring they are properly taken care of is all of our responsibility. At Tree, Hedge & Garden Services, our professional tree surgeons are fully and thoroughly trained to take care of your trees in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner.

Comprehensive tree care solutions in Spalding  and the surrounding area

We offer a vast array of tree services:

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